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Overall Score

Regiment Total Score Position
1 RSME 10 1
35 ER 9 2
42 ER 8 3
32 ER 7 4
36 ER 6 5

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Sport Interview – SSgt Dave Collins

What inspired you to start the sport?

As a child, swimming didn’t come naturally to me however, once I’d learned I didn’t want to get out of the water!  As I got better at swimming I began trying to swim faster and for longer distances.  I started to watch competitive swimming events on TV and saw a competition taking place at my local club.  I then joined the club and competed for them for many years competing at various levels.

Where has this sport taken you within the Military?

I had stopped swimming full-time prior to joining the military.  Once I arrived at my first unit, I was told I should go to the RE swim camps.  After attending these I found myself back in the world of competitive swimming.  I have competed at the inter-corps championships which opened the door various trips and opportunities within the Corps Swimming Team. 

What advice would you give someone interested in starting out?

Practise the basics and get comfortable with stroke technique before trying to swim faster or for longer distances. Persistence and practise is key.

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