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Overall Score

Regiment Total Score Position
23 PER 13 1
22 ER 12 2
36 ER 11 3
24 CDO ER 10 4
32 ER 9 5

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Sport Interview – Spr Roberts (1RSME)

What inspired you to start the sport?

I was inspired to play squash by my peers on my 2-1 course. They would speak about it in work and I thought I’d give it a go. After one game, which I lost badly I was determined to improve myself. Then I started to beat my peers, looking at new tactics and skills and teaching others to help improve their game. This lead me on to become the 2IC of Squash for the Regiment.

Where has this sport taken you within the Military?

Within the Military , I have played at Sapper Games as part of a team of five. I felt I was one of the weakest members but still achieved 2nd place , I felt great pride that I helped the team to the podium. I know this was just the beginning and would lead to much greater opportunities.

What advice would you give someone interested in starting out?

I advise anyone thinking about squash to pick up a racket and go straight in. Have fun with it. Play someone equally to your abilities,then work your way up. There is always a friendly face on a court that can teach you something new.


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