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36 ER 7 2
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32 ER 4 5

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Sport Interview – Cpl Chris Tyrell (1RSME)

What inspired you to start the sport?

When I was younger, a family friend got my interested in playing Field Hockey but it wasn’t until I saw an older goalkeeper wipe out another player, that I decided to become a Goalkeeper. Over the following years I worked through and was selected for the U14  South Regional and the U16 England squads, before joining the Army.

Where has this sport taken you within the Military?

Within the military, I have represented the Corps of Royal Engineers, Army Hockey Association and the UK Armed Forces Hockey Associations, in competition and fixtures. Through these teams, I have deployed on numerous Sport tours throughout the country and overseas in places such as Japan, Australia, Holland and many more. At present, I am currently under the Army Sports Control Board Scholarship scheme which financially supports my sporting career, both within the Forces and in civilian street.

What advice would you give someone interested in starting out?

To progress to the high levels, requires dedication and commitment. Find something that you love and actively want to better yourself in and that’s half the mental battle already achieved. Additionally, to progress any sporting career in the military, you will need to explore and utilise civilian sport teams. This is because you’ll progress much faster than just using the military alone.

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