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Sport Interview – Cpl Tyler Daysh ( 24 CDO Regt)

What inspired you to start the sport?

My son Theo suffers from autism, and his aspirations are to become a professional gamer/content creator online. In 2018, whilst talking with my son and sharing his interests, I saw opportunity for the Corps to utilise its workforce who shared this passion to generate engagement.

Where has this sport taken you within the Military?

Esports is extremely unique and is one of the largest growing industries in the world, in 2018 myself and 6 members of the Corps faced off against the US Army esports team in California. I have attended multiple conferences, events and seminars across the UK as a representative of both the Corps and Army esports clubs.
I have also been heavily involved with the delivery of Army level events which have seen soldiers travel to America annually to participate in the COD:E Bowl sponsored by Activision, the creators of Call of Duty.

What advice would you give someone interested in starting out?

Esports is for everyone, it doesn’t matter how good you are or what game you play, it is all inclusive and definitely not exclusive. With the broad amount of games to be played, their truly is something for everybody, whether it’s a first person shooter like CS:GO or online Olympics or bike races via Strava, any sport that can be conducted physically can be converted to the online space and competed in as an esport.
The more people amongst the Corps that get involved in esports, the more opportunity’s that the Corps esports club can offer to its members, whether it be hardware within regiments or overseas tours.
Just by participating, you can exploit these opportunity’s.


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